My Internal Garden

This project was initiated after a trivial question i.e. what is a home? The question still remains trivial, but answers have grown as time passed...
A home meant freedom,
independence, and knowing you are not alone while still looking at sea alone.
A home meant peace
and occasionally spending time in the garden or sipping a hot coffee.
A home meant befriending people
and having a chat by the swimming pool in case of adults and running around and having fun in case of children. 
A home meant safety
and playing in the street and within the complex in security as we did in our childhood. 
A home meant respect and peace.
We thought that showing respect only for ourselves and neighbors would not suffice in this era.
We showed greatest respect for the nature.
We enthusiastically welcomed and stored rain.
We respected the sun and lightened our nights.
We did not put soil only in small pots. Our inner lives were reflected in our external lives.
We built internal gardens. Greenery inside rooms were not sufficient and we spread them to everywhere.