Project Info

Both sea and lake landscape pleasure

Panorama Suits reveals Istanbul’s uncommonly both sea and lake landscape at the same time. A fabulous landscape is beneath your feet whether under glitters of sunshine, inside the orange colours of sunset or inside a shining revel accompanied with moonlight.

Beside pleasure of garden at garden-duplexes and terrace pleasure at roof-duplexes, meshed with nature together with gardens inside and outside of the block, a quiet and still life chance presenting Panorama Suites is consisting of blocks not preventing each other’s view.   

All-purpose suites and location options

The Panorama Suites including 36 suites which consists of smallest from 95 m² up to 188 m² 4+1 duplex, 3+1 duplex and 2+1 suites covering different expectations and pleasures, inside of a secured estate with swimming pool, playgrounds for children, parking garage or open-area parking space at least for one car  for each resident.     

Minimalist design, light and modern construction materials

In Panorama Suites towards unique, creative and minimalist architecture, placing earthquake safety to forefront, constructed as sturdy and long lasting raft foundation, with extra basement, by using high strength C30 concrete and ribbed iron bars, safety and comfort is held in highest level.